HELLA LED Retrofit Bulbs

Brighter, stronger, cooler: With the new HELLA LED Retrofit bulbs, you give the "eyes" of your vehicle significantly more visual acuity – without new headlights. Thanks to LED Retrofit, even existing halogen headlights now get a real LED upgrade with daylight effect in a flash, by simply replacing the bulbs. The headlights remain the same – the light output is way better. LED Retrofit lamps are available for numerous cars and motorcycles.

To enjoy the best LED experience and to ensure a proper function, you should leave the installation to workshop professionals instead of doing it yourself.

Your workshop professionals know the answers to questions such as

- Which version is the right one for my vehicle or motorcycle?
- How are the retrofit LED lamps installed?
- Which technical settings need to be made?
- What to do if the lamps do not produce any light?

You should therefore rely on the expert knowledge of your trusted local workshop when retrofitting your halogen bulbs with HELLA LED Retrofit.

See for yourself – and switch to the new HELLA LED Retrofit bulbs!

Video Description

Video Description

Bright – Standard halogen lamps

Brighter – HELLA LED Retrofit

Ideal for:
LED Retrofitting of existing Halogen headlights


Available for cars and motocycles
Daylight-like light color
Superior illumination
Build-in fan for heat reduction
Produced under HELLA’s stringent testing requirements


This product is not approved for use on public roads. On-Road use will lead to cancellation of operating license and loss of insurance coverage. It is in your own responsibility to comply with local legal requirements. Not for sale in USA/Canada for High Beam/Low Beam.

Variety for almost eyery vehicle – the HELLA LED retrofit portfolio